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Event: Defaced, hidden, stolen, crushed, chopped, pierced: SUPERLUX Reading Group with artist Jamie Crewe

Posted on November 9th, 2016 by LUX Scotland      





Wednesday 23 November, 12 – 4pm
Collective, Edinburgh
Free (Ticketed via Eventbrite)

This event is for SUPERLUX members only, however, LUX Scotland’s membership programme is free and easy to join, simply sign up now to become a member.

‘Defaced, hidden, stolen crushed, chopped, pierced’ is a SUPERLUX Reading Group programmed by artist Jamie Crewe for Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival. Across the afternoon Jamie will lead collective readings of texts from the blog ‘We Want Truth Goldsmiths’, feminist scholar Sara Ahmed, poet and scholar Anne Carson, and historian James Fredal. Topics will range from responses to institutional sexual harassment made this year, to non-verbal rhetoric in ancient Greece, to the gendering of sound and voice. These readings will be augmented by a screening of Billie Whitelaw performing Samuel Beckett’s Not I and materials for crafting curse tablets. Jamie hopes this will lead the group to a varied contemplation of the ways protest and expression might be made by disempowered people using tools that are defaced, stolen, hidden, crushed, chopped or pierced.

The group will read the texts together out loud, so no reading prior to the day is necessary, though the texts are available if you would feel more comfortable reading through before hand. It will accommodate a small, intimate and contributory group of 12-15 participants, so please only reserve a ticket if you are able to commit to the whole afternoon.


Some of the texts used in this reading group discuss sexual harassment, with no descriptions of specific experiences. For more information please contact LUX Scotland

This event is presented as part of Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival by SUPERLUX.

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