SUPERLUX Membership


Available and free to all Scotland-based artists, researchers and organisers, SUPERLUX is LUX Scotland’s membership programme.

With special events, bursaries, concessionary rates and a host of member-only opportunities, SUPERLUX is free to join in its first year through generous support from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.


Frequently asked questions

What do I get from being a member of SUPERLUX?

Currently SUPERLUX members can enjoy free access to special SUPERLUX events, apply to our upcoming bursaries for travel and production, qualify for concessionary rates, and book slots to view the LUX collection at our LUX Scotland offices. We hope to expand our benefits as time goes on, and we are currently working on offering a new online learning platform in 2016.


I’m not an artist. Can I join SUPERLUX?

Yes. SUPERLUX is open to everyone based in Scotland. Our benefits are geared towards artists and art workers primarily operating in the field of artists’ moving image work, but everyone it welcome to join.


I’m not based in Scotland. Why can’t I join?

At the moment, all of our SUPERLUX opportunities, events and programmes are primarily oriented towards serving the Scottish moving image community, which has specific needs and requirements. While we hope to expand SUPERLUX beyond this national focus in the future, LUX Scotland hopes to deliver high quality benefits within its capacity as a young organisation with a national remit.


How can I view the LUX collection?

We have bookable slots made available to SUPERLUX members online in our membership site, where you can book a time to come and view the LUX collection in the LUX Scotland premises. Learn more about the collection at LUX’s website. Please note that this is one of our most popular services, so slots are often booked out well in advance, and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


How can I sign up for a one-on-one advice session?

These one-hour sessions are for artists based in Scotland, working with moving image and who are no longer in full-time education, to meet with LUX staff and invited guests. These are informal sessions aimed at developing a wide-ranging dialogue around your practice and can involve any or all of the following areas:

– Looking at and discussing your work

– Advice on developing your practice and looking at other works that may be of interest

– Advice on exhibition possibilities, appropriate organisations and events to approach

– Self-promotion, funding, and production advice

You are welcome to bring work for us to look at. (Please bring it on a laptop, USB stick or external hard-drive. We would advise not to bring too much work and to *not* rely on streaming your work from the internet. You can also bring other material to discuss too, like project or practice descriptions.) It is important to us that LUX Scotland is an open organisation that is accessible to everyone, however we are a very small team and do not have the resources to meet as many people as we would like. We ask that those who have already attended a one-to-one session within the previous six months get in touch directly with the office before booking another session.


Can a one-on-one session come to my town?

We aim to offer our SUPERLUX one-on-one sessions outside of Glasgow every other month. If you would like LUX Scotland to come to you and do a day of advice sessions/studio visits please get in touch. We try to offer sessions where we are also doing events around the country, or else usually ask that you just cover our costs (travel and accommodation if needed).


Why is SUPERLUX free in its first year?

SUPERLUX has been made free through generous support from Esmee Fairbairn Foundation. We intend to keep SUPERLUX free for all members, which is why we do not request any payments or financial subscriptions at the point of enrollment.





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