Vision & Values


Artists in Scotland who work with the moving image are nurtured and valued and have the specialised support they need to develop their practices and exhibit it internationally. Audiences in Scotland have the opportunity to engage meaningfully with a diverse range of moving image work from across the country and around the world.


We support the wide range of artists, programmers, curators, writers and art workers that constitute the artists’ moving image sector in Scotland to produce and contextualise their work. We encourage diversity in the sector by addressing the historical underrepresentation of disabled and global majority artists, and we aim to increase engagement with disabled and global majority audiences.


We want LUX Scotland, and the breadth of artists that we support, to be at the centre of international critical discourse.



LUX Scotland was founded with equalities, diversity and inclusion at the heart of its vision. This began with a focus on accessibility and has developed to incorporate disability justice, anti-racism and fair work. We support artists and audiences across Scotland and geographic inclusion is also very important to us.


As a small organisation with no capacity for wastage, we are acutely conscious of our environmental and financial sustainability. We are a streamlined operation and believe maintenance and stability are more important than growth. We advocate for sustainability across the sector and regularly programme work that reflects on the environmental issues.


LUX Scotland was founded on artist-led principles and is recognised for its thoughtful programming and ethical working practices that centre the artist’s quality of experience.


LUX Scotland is ambitious for artists, the artists’ moving image sector and the reputation of the artists and organisations based across Scotland. Through our international networks and the outstanding achievements of the artists we work with, we reach new audiences and gain meaningful recognition for the sector.


We believe that being transparent and accountable is an essential part of public sector work and we ensure responsible decision making across all that we do. We work closely with our Advisory Group and Board of Directors to ensure we serve the artists’ moving image sector.