Vision & Purpose

LUX Scotland is a non-profit agency dedicated to supporting, developing and promoting artists’ moving image practices (AMI) across the country. We were established in 2014 to support AMI in Scotland, and provide access to the established resources and international networks of LUX (London), which has over 50 years of experience in supporting AMI practice in the UK. Our work focuses on the wide range of artists, programmers, curators, writers and art workers that constitute the AMI sector in Scotland, ensuring that they have the support they need to develop their varied practices with integrity and confidence, while connecting them, and their work, with new audiences across Scotland and beyond.

Through our public and learning programmes; production and commissioning opportunities; education and research activity; and our advocacy and consultancy work, we play a vital role supporting AMI nationally and internationally. We nurture artistic vision and encourage expansive thinking through exposure to diverse practices and perspectives, contributing to a cultural landscape that is rich in diversity of talent, sustainable in every aspect of activity, and has the necessary ambition to project Scotland’s artistic voice beyond its borders.

With core principles of equality and equity, we develop talent across the country and across demographics, providing both practical advice and pastoral care for the sector. From peer support and production guidance to technical information and funding advice, we provide artists with invaluable guidance throughout their careers.

We are strategically positioned at the intersection of the visual arts and film contexts, and uniquely placed to play a central role in the development of the sector. We work with a growing network of partners to deliver our work, balancing ongoing partnerships with new, one-off projects, continuing the relationships with individuals and organisations that we have established over the last decade.