ONE ARTIST | ONE WORK: George Finlay Ramsay & Alexander Hetherington, CASTOROCENE

Thu 30 Sep 2021 / 7–8pm

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For the next online event in the ONE ARTIST | ONE WORK series, George Finlay Ramsay & Alexander Hetherington present their recent work, CASTOROCENE (2021).

You can watch CASTOROCENE on the LUX Scotland website HERE.


‘which architect 
could cut the neck
of one tree
& make ten grow?’


After humans have destroyed the world (again) an unnamed beast swims up from a forgotten swamp and rebuilds the world from zilch. CASTOROCENE, shifting between essay and semi-fictionalised nature documentary, is a ‘film pome’ dedicated to one of nature’s great architects. Depicting wetlands as the living entity that they are, the camera dwells on a landscape of viscous textures, organic debris and nonhuman sculptures, considering parities between acts of borrowing, rewilding and animal world building. Filmed by artist Alexander Hetherington on 16mm film in the wetlands at Bamff in East Perthshire, Scotland.


A commission for Rupert Journal’s second edition on ‘Post Pandemic Futures’.

CASTOROCENE can be viewed for free online for the month of September on the LUX Scotland website with captions. The discussion event will take place on Thursday 30 September, 7.00pm.

Captions by Collective Text and George Finlay Ramsay. 

ONE ARTIST | ONE WORK is a series of online events established in response to the first lockdown in March 2020. Focusing closely on a single work, these generous discussions provided an opportunity for an artist based in Scotland to present a recent work and talk through how the work came into being. These events have since developed into a more substantial part of our programme, and now include a month-long online screening and a specially commissioned written response that will be published on the LUX Scotland website. The series now provides an opportunity to think more deeply about the work and provide a record of the discussion events.

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Image description: a close up of lichen through a macro lens, we can see the details and textures of the organic form in pale greens, beiges and whites. As the curving lines of the lichen come closer to the lens, they blur out of focus. The image is framed by the lines of the 16mm colour film stock.


a close up of lichen through a macro lens, we can see the details and textures of the organic form in pale greens, beiges and whites. As the curving lines of the lichen come closer to the lens, they blur out of focus. The image is framed by the lines of the 16mm colour film stock.
Image credit: George Finlay Ramsay & Alexander Hetherington, CASTOROCENE, 2021. Courtesy of the artists.

About the artists

George Finlay Ramsay

children & dogs

are good at telepathy

i want to be a child

& a dog again

not an insensitive adult

adept at touch typing

but unable to speak on my

god given telephone

George Finlay Ramsay is an artist from scotland. He makes films, pomes, performances, music, installations & so on. George likes to invent religions to play inside & decide if he believes in them later or never. Recently he has been working with volcanoes, bringing books full of people’s regrets to burn in their mouths.

George’s work has been presented by NTS (International), Art Basel (Switzerland), Matadero (Spain), L’Orto Botanico di Roma (Italy), CTM Festival (Germany), Bow Arts (Elngland), Generator Projects (Scotland), Rupert (Lithuania), Camden Arts Centre (England) & BBC Late Junction (UK) & funded by Oxford University, Arts Council England and Sound & Music.

Alexander Hetherington

Alex Hetherington is an artist who works with 16mm film. Recent films include Women’s Studies (2020-2021) developed during a CCA Creative Lab, August 2021; Untitled (eclectic poison) screened to accompany the launch of Rosie Roberts’ publication portals (2020); Anonymous Writes A Spell for the Camera, with Michelle Hannah (2019) screened at Anxiety & Invocation at Experiments in Cinema, edition 15 (June 2020) and Talking Counting Blinking Noting; 16mm film as a collaborative action (2019-2020) part screened at Twin Eye, Cooper Gallery, Dundee, September 2019 and Claricia Parinussa’s residency at Dance Base, Edinburgh, November 2019. Recent writing includes essays on Karen Cunningham for Collective, Edinburgh (2020) and 9 Notes on Savinder Bual for PEER, London (2021).