We are delighted to announce that Hang Linton, Renèe Helèna Browne, Mathew Wayne Parkin, and Camara Taylor have been selected for this year’s Experimental Film and Moving Image Residency at Cove Park.

The four artists who will take up residence at Cove Park this summer, and were selected by Cove Park’s Vanessa Payton, LUX Scotland’s Eve Smith, and one of Alchemy’s Directors Michael Pattison. This is the fourth year of this funded residency, delivered in partnership with Cove Park, LUX Scotland and Alchemy Film & Arts.


Hang Linton is a self taught, interdisciplinary artist, working in music, performance, dance, video and installation. Community and collaboration are integral to their work. Personal practice explores otherness through sound and trickster characters. Hang creates ambient sound, electronic music and visuals for dance, performance and live art.  Creative freedom and expression of those who are marginalised is important to Hang and they aim to facilitate or inspire the expressive growth of others through workshops in sound and performance. The aim: to promote joy, creativity, self care and mental well being, especially for those who find the white cube or stage inaccessible / intimidating. Hang’s work is a rebellion against clean aesthetics and working underneath capitalist structures which demand high output. They are inspired by nature, cartoons, video games, children, animals and dreams. In 2021 Hang will also be attending a residency at Wysing Arts Centre (July 2021), focusing on accessible broadcasting with the collective Sickness Affinity Group. Hang will also participate in the SSW x Counterflows Caregivers Residency (August 2021), perform at SPILL Festival with Laura Lulika (October 2021) and release a solo music project.


Renee Helena Browne is an Irish artist based between Glasgow and Donegal. Browne makes essay films, vocal soundscapes, and angsty drawings. They are 2021-2023 Talbot Rice Resident Artist with ECA at the University of Edinburgh. In 2021 Browne is commissioned by the Project Arts Centre, Dublin, to make ‘Rebuilding Urania’, a new film work that they will begin editing at Cove Park.


Mathew Wayne Parkin is an artist, writer and home cook mainly working in moving image with family and friends.  They are particularly interested in autobiography, accent, intimacy, and speech acts in public. Their work is like an armpit, personal and intimate, of the body and relationships – smelling earthy. Mathew tries to resist dominant forms of media and sit against professionalised forms of moving image production through DIY and home video techniques, as well as queer crip analysis. At Cove Park Mathew will be exploring public sex and its intersection with disability; the instructions from Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson’s SWAMP (1969); and how bats navigate. This will include thinking about various type of recording devices and prosthetics. Part of this research will be shared during Glasgow International festival at Bonjour a new queer bar and community hub in Glasgow.


Camara Taylor (b.1627, London) is an artist and – – – based in Glasgow. They work with their various selves, collaborators and organisations to produce still and moving images, texts and other things // Recent projects depart from rumour, gossip and ambivalent readings of historical matter | the work tends towards the excesses of dominant discourse(s) and lower frequencies of objection __ mostly in the context of Black life. In 2021, Camara will exhibit new work in exhibitions at Newbridge Project, Newcastle and Cubitt Gallery, London. Whilst at Cove Park, Camara will be working on the script for a rant! a reel!, their first feature length project which stems from ongoing research into recalcitrant figures and crowds that dis/appear in accounts of 19th and 20th century Scotland.

Experimental Film & Moving Image Residency at Cove Park, in association with LUX Scotland and Alchemy Film & Arts, awards up to four funded residencies each year. Cove Park’s summer residency programme provides the time and support for artists to focus exclusively upon their own practice. The emphasis is upon research, experimentation, creative exchange across art forms and the development of new work.

Image description: a photograph of a minimalist gallery space. The room is illuminated by bright pink light. The smooth grey floor has colourful cousins arranged in front of a flat screen monitor mounted on a utilitarian stand, which plays a film by the artist. On the wall behind the screen are hexancgle shapes in blue and orange. Along the far wall are windows half seen through partially closed white blinds. Its dark beyond the windows, and their glass is lightly steamy with condensation.