Andrew Black's 'On Clogger Lane' reviewed in ArtReview and ArtMonthly

Part of Margaret Tait Commission

‘On Clogger Lane’, Andrew Black, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

We are pleased to share reviews of Andrew Black’s Margaret Tait Commission film On Clogger Lane’ by JJ Charlesworth in ArtReview and Chris Townsend in ArtMonthly. On Clogger Lane’ was recently featured in Andrew’s solo exhibition at LUX, London, which closed on 10 March 2024.

In ArtReview, J.J. Charlesworth writes: Andrew Black’s hypnotic hourlong video essay exists in a lineage of British artist film that seeks to memorialise the past and ward against forgetting, from Patrick Keiller’s Robinson in Space (1997) to the films of Duncan Campbell or Elizabeth Price; the unearthing of documentary sources, the recording of oral history, in the service of a more mythological sense of its subject. For while social history appears as the immediate content of Black’s film, there are altogether stranger and less certain questions that run below that surface: of the fragility of memory, of the way that the past might no longer make sense to us and how forgetting is a political choice made by those in the present.”

In ArtMonthly, Chris Townsend writes: Black’s project is, primarily, the rediscovery of the traces of historical memory in the landscape of the Washburn Valley, even as they are elided by the structures of industrial-administrative modernity. Black understands the landscape as a space that is not only constituted by the trace of the human on its milieu, but by the mnemic, in which the physical somehow preserves an ineffable residue of human community.”

You can read J.J. Charlesworth’s review online now and Chris Townsend’s review in the March 2024 Issue of ArtMonthly.

Part of Margaret Tait Commission

The Margaret Tait Commission is a LUX Scotland commission delivered in partnership with Glasgow Film, backed by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

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