Cove Park Experimental Film & Artists’ Moving Image residencies 2019 Announced

Annie Crabtree, Body of Water , 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

We are delighted to announce that Mark Briggs, Annie Crabtree, Adam Lewis-Jacob and Duncan Marquiss have been selected to take part in Cove Parks Experimental Film & Artists’ Moving Image residencies programme for 2019. This new series of funded residencies, delivered in partnership with LUX Scotland and Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, will run between May and September 2019.

Mark Briggs works with film and video, performance, sound and the written word. He produces individual and collaborative work under the alias of Gas-tower. He is part of an artist Collective OaPaO with Sarah Forrest, Amelia Bywater and Rebecca Wilcox. n October 2018 Mark co-programmed the Artist Moving Image Festival produced by LUX Scotland and Tramway. During his residency, Mark will expand upon ideas previously raised in his work Pages, a compendium of private and biographical reflections, exhibited for Glasgow International 2018 at the Mitchell Library. He will focus upon the transference of prose into moving image.

Annie Crabtree is an artist and researcher based in Glasgow. She makes moving image work scrutinising political, social and cultural narratives about women, drawing upon feminist theory to inform both concept and method. Whilst at Cove Park she will progress a new work, currently titled Pain, which aims to rewrite the history of women’s reproductive (ill)health by harnessing their own voices and testimony. As part of the research towards realising this new work, Annie will be programming a screening of works from the LUX and Cinenova collections at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow in November.

Adam Lewis-Jacob has been awarded the Vivid Projects/​Animate WORK commission to create a new moving image work focusing on worker’s rights, work based activism, campaigning and legislation. As part of this project he is working with and researching the Trade Union Resource Centre (TURC) moving image archive. His interest in how to reinterpret archival material and reactivate histories extends to film content and language. He will use time at Cove Park to edit the piece, attempting to develop a new film-making methodology, that includes shared authorship and explores film-making as a space for relinquishing total control.

Duncan Marquiss is based in Glasgow and known for his video works and drawings. He was the recipient of the Margaret Tait Award in 2015/​16. A Cove Park Visual Arts resident in 2010 – and a tutor for the Hands-On programme – he will use this residency to research and develop his next film, a new documentary exploring lateral connections between the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Ethnology (the biological study of behaviour).

Experimental Film & Artists’ Moving Image residency programme Cove Park, in association with LUX Scotland and Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival award up to four funded residencies each year. Cove Park’s summer residency programme provides the time and support for artists to focus exclusively upon their own practice. The emphasis is upon research, experimentation, creative exchange across art forms and the development of new work.