Cove Park Experimental Film & Moving Image residencies 2020 Announced

Image courtesy of Alexis Kyle Mitchell.

We are delighted to announce that Juliana Capes and Alexis Kyle Mitchell have been selected to take part in Cove Parks Experimental Film & Moving Image residencies programme for 2020. This is the third year of this funded residency, delivered in partnership with Cove Park, LUX Scotland and Alchemy Film & Arts.

Juliana Capes is an award-winning multidisciplinary visual artist. Growing up in coastal Lincolnshire, she continues to live by the sea at Portobello, Edinburgh. She has worked in the arts in Scotland for the last 23 years, exhibiting most recently at Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket Gallery, Royal Scottish Academy and Edinburgh Art Festival. Current projects are influenced by her experiences of working as a visual describer in Scottish galleries and museums, by the beauty of the natural world and by the processes of feeling, seeing and believing.

Alexis Kyle Mitchell works primarily in moving image. Her work deals with the formation of spatial imaginaries through history, politics and acts of belonging. These works include a musical documentary about Jewish summer camp made in collaboration with Stephanie Markowitz; an experimental film that uses colour and sound to explore the sensory perceptions of surveillance; and most recently, an experimental essay film about histories of putting animals on trial throughout Medieval Europe, both made in collaboration with Sharlene Bamboat and Richy Carey. The residency at Cove Park will support the artist’s research and writing for an experimental film about a rare genetic disease called Myotonic Dystrophy and the experience of the genetic phenomenon Anticipation’ – when a genetic disorder becomes more pronounced and severe throughout each subsequent generation.

Experimental Film & Moving Image residency programme Cove Park, in association with LUX Scotland and Alchemy Film & Arts award up to four funded residencies each year. Cove Park’s summer residency programme provides the time and support for artists to focus exclusively upon their own practice. The emphasis is upon research, experimentation, creative exchange across art forms and the development of new work.