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Still from direct to film animation. Workshop with Julia Parks, DIY Approaches to Cameraless and 16mm Filmmaking, Pier Arts Centre, July 2022.

We’re highlighting our series of written Learning Resources, beginning in May with our first Learning Resource Working with film festivals’. In this Learning Resource, published in November 2020, artist Michelle Williams Gamaker, curator Myriam Mouflih and curator Adam Pugh respond to five set questions on the subject of​‘working with film festivals’.

Our series of written learning resources, each covering a different subject, aim to demystify some of the structures of the art and film worlds that artists working with moving image navigate. We invite three contributors to answer set questions on each subject to offer our readers a range of subjective views and experiences of the topic.

Michelle, Myriam and Adam responded the following questions:

  • How might artists decide which film festivals are best suited to their work?
  • What advice would you give to an artist who has never presented work at a film festival before?
  • What can artists expect to gain from showing work in this context?
  • How can artists build relationships with film festival programmers?
  • If an artist isn’t able to attend a film festival in person, how can they get the most from the experience of having their work screened somewhere internationally?

You can read or listen to this Learning Resource by following the link below.

Part of Learning

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