Now & Next Commissions Broadcast on BBC Four

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Adam Lewis Jacob, Wheeze, 2019. Courtesy of the artist.

We are pleased to announce that four Now & Next commissions from 2019 will be broadcast as part of Get Animated! on BBC Four on Sunday 26 April at 10:55pm before being made available to watch on BBC iPlayer. The programme will include The Last Train by Ross Hogg and Sean Mulvenna, Wheeze by Adam Lewis Jacob and Jason Kerley, Glas & Gorm by M E Smit-Dicks and Lillian Ross­-Millard , and Stinkhorn by Siôn Parkinson and Richard Whitby.

The Last Train by Ross Hogg and Sean Mulvenna explores the behaviours and interactions of a diverse cross section of tired, drunk, disgruntled, joyous and riotous strangers pushed together within the confines of the last train home.

Wheeze is an animation by artist Adam Lewis Jacob and illustrator and animator Jason Kerley that creates a critical and satirical take on British life, work and leisure and the values and politics that inform it, reinterpreting political cartoonist Steve Bell’s Penguin character into a surreal and psychedelic animation.

Glas and Gorm is a speculative ­fiction puppet film by M E Smit-Dicks and Lillian Ross­-Millard with music composition by Josh Thorpe, portraying a post­human, post­apocalyptic Scotland which has become overgrown with flora. Humans have disappeared and the natural world has taken over, growing through and around the infrastructure left behind. Out of the decay brought on by the anthropocene, a new green civilisation has emerged.

Stinkhorn is an absurdly melodramatic musical animation by Dundee-based artist and singer Siôn Parkinson and artist filmmaker Richard Whitby, featuring Dundee-based singer SHHE (Su Shaw). The animation presents as a modern-day fable confronting sound, smell, sex and the inescapable stench of regret, taking its inspiration and title from the stinkhorn, a mushroom common to Scotland’s forests, which smells abominably of rotting flesh.

Now & Next is a talent development scheme in partnership with Screen Scotland and BBC Scotland that nurtures and showcases emerging creative voices. Applications are now open for the round next of commissions.

Part of Now & Next

Now & Next was a talent development scheme in partnership with Creative Scotland and BBC Scotland that ran from 2019 to 2022.

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