ONE WORK Audio Recordings of Writing Published

Part of ONE WORK

A video still shows a dark room, we are close to a wooden table on which are placed two glass objects. We can see the lines of where the table could fold down, and the curve of the table edge across the centre of the image. A bottle, and next to it sits a thin vase with green shoots in it. On top of the objects sits text, large white san serif font that reads ‘ONE’.
Sarah Forrest, The Unit, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

We are happy to publish the audio recordings of the specially commissioned written responses to our ONE WORK series. You can now listen to contributors read their responses on the LUX Scotland website and on the LUX Soundcloud page.

ONE WORK is a series of online discussion events to think more deeply about how an artwork came into being. Focusing closely on a single work, these generous discussions provide space for an artist to present a recent work and talk through the work’s creation. The events are accompanied by a month-long online screening and specially commissioned written response published on the LUX Scotland website.

Part of ONE WORK

ONE WORK is a series of online events that focus closely on a single work. These generous discussions provide an opportunity for an artist to present a recent work and talk through how the work came into being. Each work is available as a month-long online screening, followed by a specially commissioned written response that serves as documentation of both the work and the discussion.

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