Open Call: Fabienne Hess, The Least Important, Talbot Rice Gallery

Fabienne Hess, The Least Important, 2014. Courtesy of the artist.

Talbot Rice Gallery and LUX Scotland present a special screening of Looking, Mediated, a new touring programme of moving image works by artists who utilise, address and challenge contemporary forms of visual experience.

For this screening, artist Fabienne Hess has been commissioned to make a new work,The Least Important, Talbot Rice Gallery (2014), an image archive containing the least important images submitted by the audience of Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh. This is the second in a series of works, first commissioned for Art Licks Weekend, London in October 2014.

To participate in the project please send the three least important images from your computer or phone, alongside a short explanation to: email hidden; JavaScript is required

The least important images are a very subjective category. However, here are some attributes that may help identify them:

uselessirrelevantun-inspiringunemotionalboringaccidentalindifferentdevoid of memory

They are probably located on the camera roll of our phones, the trash bins of our computers or in our spam filters.

Submissions will be displayed anonymously. By submitting you agree that you have the right to share the images and that you allow Fabienne Hess to use them for her work The Least Important, Talbot Rice Gallery. Ownership of that work remains with Fabienne Hess.

Deadline for submissions: 25 November