Coinciding with the next event in the ONE ARTIST | ONE WORK series, we present Anne-Marie Copestake’s A love, which forms an approach to history unfolding in Copestake’s home neighbourhood and within a temporary community. Watch for free for the month of March here.

The film foregrounds quiet and tender engagement, respect, various forms of love, presence, absence, and ritual to an extent. There is a deliberate lack of language in the film, underlining the unuttered and recurring inadequacy of language, especially in the expression of uproot and the depth of emotions engendered. A love considers individual and collective values, desire for recognition of lives, and the necessity for communal recognition.



Anne-Marie Copestake is a Glasgow based artist. Working with moving images, audio, text, photography and sculpture, recent work foregrounding unsung legacies have focused on portraits of a kind. With an emphasis on considering conditions that have surrounded choices or a lack of choices, these works explore environments and landscapes that may have contributed essentially to these conditions. Copestake often works collaboratively, most recently with musician Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh. Copestake’s moving image works are distributed by LUX.



Image description: a super-8mm still depicts yellow, red and purple flowers hanging from a ceiling with a wooden comb. In the background is the wooden frame of a door and white walls. The image is grainy and has a painterly feel with the subtle warm colours.