Adam Khalil & Bayley Sweitzer, Empty Metal

17 March 2019

Glasgow Film Theatre
12 Rose St, Glasgow
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Adam Khalil and Bayley Sweitzer, Empty Metal, 2018. Courtesy the artists and Prone Pictures.

Set in a world chillingly similar to our own, Empty Metal follows the heterogenous lives of a disaffected punk band, a family of militant indigenous Americans, a Rastafarian computer hacker and a Buddhist hermit in their path towards revolutionary action. Lashing out against racialised police brutality, mass surveillance and indifference, this network of marginal forces collaborates under the radar by means of telepathic, non-complicit communication in a dangerous assassination plot. Simulated drone imagining, camcorder shots and high-definition footage are weaved together in a tangled thread of narratives to reveal an alternative reality of asymmetrical revolt and radical militancy in the face of imminent destruction.

Followed by a Q&A with the directors.

dir. Adam Khalil & Bayley Sweitzer, United States 2018, 84 minutes.