Benjamin Owen, 'All These Voices Together'

Part of Now & Next online screening

1 — 31 July 2023

Benjamin Owen, ‘All These Voices Together’, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

You may think you know your own voice; a constant companion throughout your life. This 4‑minute audio-visual tapestry explores the voice as it travels through time, drawing upon the experiences of a Gaelic singer, the warm ups of choristers living with dementia, a retired Scottish auctioneer demonstrating his technique, a Sikh devotional singer from Glasgow, a Scottish free-jazz performer, and an archivist of ancient instruments.

Benjamin Owen

Benjamin Owen is an Edinburgh-based artist that makes work with film, music, performance, and installation. A celebration of participation, improvisation, and collaboration is at the heart of the practice and projects have unfolded over several years and involved various partnerships and events. Owen works with groups and individuals to create works that amplify relationships to sound, image, and body. Since 2021 Owen has been exploring the voices of Perthshire, Angus, and Fife as part of a film project called The New Vocal Club’, creating opportunities for people to share their impressions of vocal culture over time.

Image description: A man wearing a striped shirt and first aid lanyard holds a thin flat piece of wood in front of his face with one hand.


Captions & Audio Description by Collective Text in conversation with the artist

Captions: Daniel Hughes & Emilia Beatriz
Caption Consultation: Ciaran Stewart
Audio Description Script: Sandra Alland & Emilia Beatriz
Audio Description voiceover: Cass Ezeji

Audio Described