Ciaran Pasi, 'Kintyre Has My Bones'

1 — 31 July 2023

Ciaran Pasi, ‘Kintyre Has My Bones’, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

As two teenage friends venture from their town into the nature around them, one of the boys starts to reflect on their changing friendship.

Ciaran Pasi

Ciaran Pasi is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer from Glasgow exploring masculinity, immigration and community in Britain. With a background in documentary, his work is often centred around character driven stories in socio-political precincts. Believing the story dictates the form, Ciaran moves between mediums – whether documentary, fiction cinema, photography or moving image.

Image description: Two teenage boys stand in the centre of the frame, one with his back to the camera and the other looking at him. Behind them is a vast green landscape and grey sky.

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