Dani Leventhal at SQIFF 2016

28 October 2016

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Dani Leventhal and Jared Buckhiester, Hard As Opal, 2015. Courtesy of the artists.

Presented in association with SQIFF and Transmission, American artist Dani Leventhal visits Glasgow to show and discuss her recent video work. Her videos are disjunctive, diaristic and often feature people who become the unassuming subjects of her work. Presenting her shorts alongside her recent collaboration Hard As Opal (2015) with Jared Buckhiester, Leventhal will also present a preview of her in-progress work, Strangely Ordinary This Devotion (2017), a collaboration with Sheilah Wilson.

I start with a subject that I care deeply about /​I concentrate on fear, desire, anger, confusion, and love. /​I concentrate on the emotional relationships between humans, humans and animals, and humans and their environments. /​I am particularly interested in the way we develop based on our experiences in childhood, and then the process of undoing it. – Dani Leventhal