Daniel Cook, 'Shiner'

1 — 31 July 2023

Daniel Cook, ‘Shiner’, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

In 2019 I embarked on a project to document the fishing communities of Banffshire on the North East Coast of Scotland. This short film explores the identities of a diaspora of people now settled in and around Banffshire, a travelling community that communicates in their own unique language of Cant’; a rare Scots-Romani language.

Despite being hesitant and mistrustful of outsiders, the people filmed are aware of the rapidly changing nature of the communities they come from. They are concerned about cultural loss and therefore have a desire to have their lives and words documented.

Drawing inspiration from the Hamish Henderson archive at The University of Edinburgh, Department of Celtic & Scottish Studies, I wish to represent and give a voice to these communities.

Daniel Cook

Daniel Cook (b. 1989, Edinburgh, Scotland) lives and works in Glasgow. Cook immerses himself in the lives of his subjects creating work that is at once performative, factual and fictional. His most recent film The Bayview (2021) a film about an extraordinary family who turned a derelict hotel into an international fisherman’s hostel, won best European Film Award at Clermont-Ferrand film festival amongst winning awards in other short festivals in the UK and abroad. It was nominated for best short at the European Film Academy 2022 and both a Scottish Bafta and Grierson Award.

Image description: A close up of a man with grey hair and black framed glasses looks just above the camera with his mouth slightly open.

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