David Dale Gallery and LUX Scotland presents: Joanne Lee

6 — 15 October 2022

David Dale Gallery Warehouse
161 Broad Street, Glasgow, G40 2QR
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Poster design by Greer Lockyear.

Join us on Thursday 6 October at 7pm for a conversation with Joanne Lee, who will be showing their work alongside a piece by Rhea Storr.

David Dale Gallery and LUX Scotland are excited to present a series of three screenings in collaboration with Owain Train MacGilvary, Joanne Lee and Chizu Anucha, three Scotland-based artists working with moving image. Through September and October each artist will present a recent moving image work of their own alongside a film which they have selected from the LUX collection. The film programmes will be presented for two weeks each in the David Dale Gallery warehouse. During each programme, each artist will present a contextual event to explore themes within their practice.

For the second event, Joanne Lee will be showing their work​”body is/​as landscape’ (2019) alongside The Image that Spits, the Eye that Accumulates’ (2017) by Rhea Storr.

Programme 2: Joanne Lee

6 – 15 October (Thursday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm)

body is/​as landscape’, Joanne Lee (2019)

The Image that Spits, the Eye that Accumulates’, Rhea Storr (2017)

Thursday 6 October 6 – 8pm: Opening and In Conversation Event at 7pm

Descriptions of works

body is/​as landscape, Joanne Lee (2019) 12 mins, 34 secs

Joanne Lee, body is/​as landscape’ (2019). Courtesy of the artist.

body as/​is landscape’ shows the landscapes of St Andrews, Dunoon, a human body and the now demolished site of the Red Road flats in Glasgow. Lee asks what frames of references we are using to understand and relate to these landscapes? Attempting to situate the self among these places of privilege, absence, ruin and industry by observing in front and behind the camera. Questioning how we relate to and consume these landscapes – through the frame of the phone, the lens of the digital camera.

Captions by Valery Tough.

The Image that Spits, the Eye that Accumulates, Rhea Storr (2017) 11 mins

Rhea Storr, The Image that spits, the Eye that Accumulates’ (2017). Courtesy of the artist and LUX.

A mixed-race body explores a Norfolk (UK) landscape whose future is uncertain due to coastal erosion. The physical erosion of the landscape, mirrors the now obsolete expired Kodachrome film once hailed as the new archival film for its vibrant colours but no longer able to be processed.

Captions by Valery Tough.


Programme 3:

20 – 29 October (Thursday to Saturday)

Chizu Anucha,​‘Exist React Respond Exist’, 2021

This is the third screening programme co-organised by David Dale Gallery and LUX Scotland. The first iteration was produced in collaboration with Hannah James, Sulaïman Majali, Alexander Storey-Gordon and Winnie Herbstein in 2019, and the second was produced with Natasha Ruwona, Siri Black and Saoirse Amira Anis in 2021.

Joanne Lee

Joanne Lee is an artist and programmer who is from and lives in Glasgow. Centering embodied knowledge and translating what it means to make and see from the periphery sits at the heart of their moving image, writing and conversations. They’re interested in the possibility for new narratives to emerge that are based on slowness, healing and community.

Recently, Joanne has been included in Glasgow published by Dostoyevsky Wannabe. They have screened work and exhibited at Camden Art Centre (London), Pavilion (Leeds) and Platform (Glasgow).

Rhea Storr

Rhea Storr explores Black and mixed-race cultural representation with an interest in the in-between, the culturally ineffable, translation, format and aesthetics. She is concerned with performance, costume and the politics of masquerade. In particular she has employed carnival as a means to articulate a complex relationship between Britain and the Caribbean that underlines the importance of location. She also images Black and mixed-race bodies in rural spaces. Often working in photochemical film, Rhea Storr considers counter-cultural ways of producing moving-image.

Selected exhibitions/​screenings include: BFI London Film Festival, Artists’ Film International, Hamburg International Short Film Festival, European Media Art Festival, Museum of African American History and Culture and Somerset House and Lisson Gallery. She is the winner of the Aesthetica Art Prize 2020 and the Louis Le Prince Experimental Film Prize.

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Venue Access

The warehouse is accessible via the main gallery entrance on Broad Street (please press the doorbell) and across the back courtyard.

Step free access is available through the gate to the right of the front door.

There is ramped access into the warehouse and there will be a mixture of bench and backed seating to view the films – please get in touch if you have any particular access needs or any questions about the screenings.

For more information on how to find David Dale Gallery please visit their website or contact David Dale on +44 (0) 141 2589124.

Image descriptions

Image 1: A portrait image poster with text​‘LUX Scotland and DAVID DALE GALLERY present a series of film screenings in the warehouse’ in a white font that blurs against blurry image of a close up of a white iPhone showing an image of a motorway from the point of view of a car on its screen. The event details and film names appear below in capital serif letters.

Image 2: Filling the frame is a close up of naked skin, indistinct body parts, folding over each other. To the left a small square image overlays the background, showing two hands holding a white iPhone against a backdrop of grey stone material.

Image 3: A blurry still shows a mixed-race figure, with black hair and wearing a fuchsia pink t‑shirt, hold their arms up with bent elbows. In the background a sandy beach and small strip of blue sea at the top of the frame. A white subtitle reads A black voice?’.

Closed Captions Both works are captioned.

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