GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW | Part 2 | Minia Biabiany, Evan Ifekoya & Mathew Wayne Parkin

Part of Artists’ Moving Image Festival

18 March 2021


Design by Maeve Redmond

We are delighted to announce the second event of GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW, this year’s Artists’ Moving Image Festival, which has been co-programmed by artists and writers Tako Taal and Adam Benmakhlouf.

Listens, sees … Rehearses” is an invitation to audiences to respond to the films that form the second part of GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW. The festival continues with an online screening available to watch from 13 – 20 March 2021 via LUX Scotland’s website, including works by Minia Biabiany, Evan Ifekoya, and Mathew Wayne Parkin, followed by a discussion event hosted by the programmers on Thursday 18 March from 6 – 8pm.

Online screening programme:

Evan Ifekoya, Contoured Thoughts, 2019. 4 mins, 42 sec.

Minia Biabiany, Pawòl sé van (words are wind), 2020. 13 mins.

Mathew Wayne Parkin, Mud Mask, 2018. 8 mins.

Total running time: 25 mins, 42 sec.

The programme lies in between the folds of artists’ moving image, performance documentation, protest documentary and animation, considering their strategies for interruption, to undo the formal and psychological trappings of a neo-colonial, white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal cinema system.

GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW launched in January with an online screening of works by Isabel Barfod, De’Anne Crooks, Sharon Hayes, Kyuri Jeon, Sherisse Mohammed and Camille Turner. The festival will continue with a series of screenings and events scheduled to follow the lunar calendar across the rest of 2021. The following screening will take place from 20 – 27 April, with an event on Saturday, 24 April.

The films are captioned by Collective Text. The event will be live transcribed using automated transcription service otter​.ai.

GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW, this year’s Artists’ Moving Image Festival, is supported by Screen Scotland and Film Hub Scotland in partnership with Tramway.

About the artists

Evan Ifekoya

Evan Ifekoya is an artist and energy worker who through sound, text, moving image and performance places demands on existing systems and institutions of power, to recentre and prioritise the experience and voice of those previously marginalised. The practice considers art as a site where resources can be both redistributed and renegotiated, whilst challenging the implicit rules and hierarchies of public and social space. Through archival and sonic investigations, they speculate on blackness in abundance. Their ongoing investigation considers the somatic experience of listening, the healing potential of sound and the spiritual dimension of sexuality.

They established the collectively run and QTIBPOC (queer, trans*, intersex, black and people of colour) led Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S.) in 2018. In 2019, they won the Kleinwort Hambros Emerging Artists Prize and in 2017 the Arts Foundation award for Live Art sponsored by Yoma Sasberg Estate. They have presented exhibitions and performances across Europe and Internationally including: Liverpool Biennial (2021); Gus Fischer New Zealand (2020); De Appel Netherlands (2019); Gasworks London (2018) Contemporary Arts Centre New Orleans as part of Prospect 4 (2017); Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town (2016); Studio Voltaire London (2015) and Castlefield Gallery Manchester (2014).

Their work is held in a number of public collections, including Arts Council England and Walker Art Gallery Liverpool.

Minia Biabiany

Minia Biabiany (born in Guadeloupe, 1988) lives and works in Guadeloupe. In her installations and videos she uses the layering and the fragmentation of narrations framed in context of the Caribbean to build ephemeral poetics of forms. She observes the interrelation between colonialism, the acton of weaving and the notion of territory in oral and written languages.

She initiates the artistic and pedagogical collective project Semillero Caribe in 2016 and continues with the ongoing project Doukou to explore pedagogical decolonial practices with the body and from concepts of Caribbean authors.

Her work has been shown in the Xth Biennale de Berlin, TEOR/​éTica in Costa Rica, Wite de Wite in Rotterdam, Cràter Invertdo in Mexico, Prix Sc Po 2019 in Paris, SIGNAL in Malmö.

Matthew Wayne Parkin

Born in 1987 in Wakefield (UK), Mathew lives and works in Glasgow (UK).

Mathew is an artist, writer and home cook mainly working in moving-image with family and friends. They are particularly interested in autobiography, accent, intimacy, and speech acts in public. Their work is like an armpit, personal and intimate, of the body and relationships. Mathew tries to resist dominant forms of media and sit against professionalised forms of moving image production through DIY and home video techniques, as well as queer crip anlayisis.

Mathew has recently been in residence at Triangle France (Marseille, FR) Art House (Wakefield, UK), CCA Glasgow (Glasgow, UK), and Hospitalfield Arts (Arbroat, UK). Recent public projects have been with LUX Scotland (Glasgow, UK), Tramway (Glasgow, UK), MAP (Glasgow, UK), Grand Union (Birmigham, UK), V22 (London, UK), The Tetley (Leeds, UK), and IMT Gallery (London, UK).

Part of Artists’ Moving Image Festival

LUX Scotland and Tramway’s annual Artists’ Moving Image Festival (AMIF)

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