Hanne Darboven, Requiem and The Moon Has Risen

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3 October 2015

St Mary’s Cathedral
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Excerpt from Hanne Darboven, Vierjahreszeiten, Opus 7, 1981/82. © Hanne Darboven Stiftung Hamburg / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2015.

To mark the closing of the Hanne Darboven exhibition at Talbot Rice Gallery, Thomas Dahl (Director of Music and Principal Organist at St. Peter’s, Hamburg) will perform a live accompaniment to singular video The Moon Has Risen (1983), and a rare recital of Darboven’s Requiem.

Primarily concerned with the form of the calendar – as well as the physical annotation of time in the form of dates, numbers, patterns and music – conceptual artist Hanne Darboven (1941 – 2009) made very few moving image works throughout her career. The Moon Has Risen is a rare and expansive reflection on the artist’s relationship to image-making. The video is comprised of three intercutting episodes – a village carnival, the environs of the artist’s hometown of Hamburg, and the artist’s cavernous home – alongside live musical punctuations drawn from Handel’s Fireworks Music, diegetic sound from the amusement fair, and Darboven’s own sound compositions, performed in St Mary’s Cathedral for the first time by the prestigious organist Thomas Dahl.

This unique work gives insight not only into Darboven’s taught, minimalist relationship to everyday images, but it also presents an extraordinary window into how an artist might view, create and interact with one’s own vision. The Moon Has Risen asks and celebrates the question of what might make one’s home environment a logic unto itself.

This event combines The Moon Has Risen with a Scottish premiere recital of Darboven’s signature composition, Requiem, also performed by Dahl on organ.

Often hinting at the opposite of its calendrical, self-evident rigor, Darboven’s compositional ardor embodies, corrupts, and renews time. – Fionn Meade, curator and writer

This event is a collaboration between Talbot Rice Gallery, Goethe-Institut Glasgow, and LUX Scotland, with support from Hanne Darboven Stiftung.

Part of Collaborations

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