ONE WORK | Helen McCrorie, 'If play is neither inside nor outside, where is it?'

Part of ONE WORK

16 June 2020


Helen McCrorie, if play is neither inside nor outside, where is it?, 2019. Courtesy the artist.

For the next event in the One Artist | One Work series, Helen McCrorie will discuss her recent work If play is neither inside nor outside, where is it? that was commissioned by Collective as part of their Satellites Programme.

If play is neither inside nor outside, where is it? centres on a child-led outdoor playgroup that meets in the grounds of a former military camp. This site, adopted by families for imaginative play and experiential learning, also houses a bunker transformed into a data storage facility. The film celebrates innate creativity and explores our understanding of data gathering and learning as interconnected, yet diverging, processes.

A link to view If play is neither inside nor outside, where is it? (26 mins) will be provided in advance of the event. The event will be live captioned.

Over the coming months LUX Scotland is holding a series of online events led by artists. Each fortnight a Scotland-based artist will present a recent work and talk through how the work came into being. They will be joined by one of the LUX Scotland team and up to 30 online participants.

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Helen McCrorie

is an artist working with video and documentary strategies. Helen’s recent exhibitions and screenings include Alchemy Film Festival, 2020, James N Hutchinson: Untitled, The Tetley, Leeds, 2019, Bodies at Play, Radar, Loughborough University, 2019, If play is neither inside nor outside, where is it?, Collective, 2019, We Are Formatives, Radiophrenia, 2019, Against the Flow, Perth Playhouse, Platform Festival, Culture PK, 2018; This Is It – Universe, No. 35 Gallery, Bannockburn, 2017; and The Clock in Commune, The Glasite Meeting House, Edinburgh Art Festival, 2016.

Part of ONE WORK

ONE WORK is a series of online events that focus closely on a single work. These generous discussions provide an opportunity for an artist to present a recent work and talk through how the work came into being. Each work is available as a month-long online screening, followed by a specially commissioned written response that serves as documentation of both the work and the discussion.

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