Helen McCrorie, 'We Know a Better Word than Happy'

1 — 31 July 2023

Helen McCrorie, ‘We Know a Better Word than Happy’, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

We Know a Better Word than Happy’ captures children’s delight in the possibilities for fun and learning in an urban green space established by community activism in Maryhill, Glasgow. A quarter of households in this area have no access to a private or shared garden and, following lockdown, the children express their rights to outdoor play, for learning, togetherness and resilience.

Helen McCrorie

Helen McCrorie’s films portray people engaged in essential human endeavours, such as work, play or ritual, in relation to place and environment. With poetic and tangential narratives and sound, developed from documentary strategies and collaborative workshops, the films challenge dominant capitalist and patriarchal values and understandings of time. Recent screenings include Moving Images Caravan (2023), London and Glasgow Short Film Festivals, Experiments in Cinema, Encounters, Offline Film Festival, Alchemy (2022), LUX Scotland, Alchemy (2020), The Tetley, 2019 (group show) and Collective 2019 (solo show.) In 2022 We know a better word than happy won the Glaister Award at Brazier’s International Film Festival.

Image description: A close up of a child outdoors wearing a red jacket, touching the palm of one hand with a catkin held in the other.

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