Jess Docherty, 'The Land and The Sea'

1 — 31 July 2023

Jess Docherty, ‘The Land and The Sea’, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

The short film by by Jessica Docherty features British Sign Language poet Tania Allan signing her work​‘The Land and the Sea’, which uses the Scottish folklore of the selkie wife as a means of exploring themes such as oppression, deaf culture, deaf community, sign language and communication.

Please note, the closed captions on this video are intended to be English descriptions to enable a viewer who does not use British Sign Language to better understand the content of the poem. They are not the English translation of this BSL poem.

Jess Docherty

Jess Docherty is a writer and filmmaker based in Glasgow. She is interested in short documentaries and film poetry, and she looks for new stories in familiar places. Her latest film The Suburban Surrealist” is available here.

Tania Allan

Tania Allan is a deaf folklorist and storyteller based in Midlothian. Tania’s sign poem The Land and The Sea’ uses the Scottish Selkie mythology to explore themes of deaf culture and community. By adapting BSL folklore into accessible formats and using visual storytelling techniques, Tania seeks to foster a sense of belonging and cultural pride among deaf individuals. Her latest work, The Twins of Edzell” is available here The Twins of Edzell | Solar Flares – Deaf Heritage (sfdh​.org​.uk)

Image description: A woman with long brown hair wearing a black t‑shirt and black glasses stands in front of a white wall. Her eyes are closed and she gestures with both hands in front of her face with her mouth open.

Closed Captions

Audio Described

Signed in BSL