K Patrick & Adrien Howard, 'Trans Is A Dreamscape'

Part of Now & Next audio presentation

1 — 30 September 2023

K Patrick & Adrien Howard, 'A neurotic baby, trumpeting in', 2021. Pencil and pigment on paper. Courtesy of the artists.

Trans Is A Dreamscape’ is an audio work that addresses the complexity of childhood in relation to the transgender body. Driven by a desire to mystify, rather than clarify, the trans narrative, this collaborative peice invents alternative childhoods’, broadening the possibility of childhood within trans identities.

K Patrick & Adrien Howard

Adrien Howard is an artist and writer based on the Isle of Seil, K Patrick is a writer based on the Isle of Lewis. They have been collaborating since 2019 and work across experimental narrative, prose, poetry, publication making and sound. Writing from a place of friendship, through their collaboration they form narratives which explore their relationships to place, time, memory and transgender existence.


Image description: A pencil illustration of a knight-like baby riding a horse and washed in a pale yellow pigment with strokes of bright red. Hand written text reads: A neurotic baby, trumpeting in.’