Kathryn Spence, 'Beneath the Movement'

1 — 31 July 2023

Kathryn Spence, ‘Beneath the Movement’, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

Beneath the Movement’ is a dance film exploring organic movements in our environments, taking inspiration from bird migration to sea patterns, relating these to the organic movement of the body and contrasting this with human impact upon the environment.

Kathryn Spence

Kathryn Spence is a dance artist and choreographer based in Shetland. Her work is often inspired by the environment and human impact upon it. She’s recently been in residence with The Work Room, Glasgow and Citymoves, Aberdeen, to create a new solo piece. She has an international work with a Lebanese partner through Dance Base and Yaraqa. Kathryn loves dancing and loves people. This screen dance was made more than half way through her pregnancy with twins, who she now dances with every day, and sometimes on the bogs where this film was set.

Bo Morgan

Bo Morgan is a 32 year old DOP /​Director based in London. I have a background in music, drummer and then producer. I started off filming with an old VHS camera and then turning them into abstract, layered footage, which I then used to project on to performers. This quickly led to cinematography. I do this through the tricky art of lighting and framing. I now work full time as a DOP/​Director. I always try to put the narrative, emotion and feel first. Im mainly doing music videos but looking to move into short films and then hopefully feature films.

Image description: A dancer with short blonde hair and wearing a grey smock-like dress bends over looking at the ground. The dancer is surrounded by a dark, cold landscape.

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