Love and the Ocean

7 October 2018

Eden Court
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Laure Prouvost, Polpomotorino, 2014. Courtesy of the artist and LUX.

Love and the Ocean is a programme of artists’ moving image works in which the push and pull of tides overlap with emotional currents of desire and longing. Focusing variously on the movement of luxury goods, the extraction of mineral resources, and the will to control elemental processes, these works share an interest in the sea as a site of human wants and wishes, and make visible the structures and systems that support these, from container ships and oil rigs, to magic and belief.


Siân Robinson Davies, Ocean and Love, 2016. SD video, 1 min 56 secElizabeth Price, West Hinder, 2012. HD video, 22 min 45 secLaure Prouvost, Polpomotorino, 2014. HD video, 2 min 30 secMargaret Salmon, Oyster, 2014. 16mm transferred to HD video, 14 min 25 secİz Öztat, Constituting An Island, 2014. HD video, 1 min 46 secCharlotte Prodger and Corin Sworn, HDHB, 2011. HD video, 9 min 36 secSerra Tansel, Kids Blowing the Sea, 2014. HD video, 23 sec

Total running time: 53 min

This screening is part of LUX Scotland’s guest-curated programme for Eden Court and has been selected by artist Frances Davis.