Lucas Chih-Peng Kao, 'The Fool’s Journey'

Part of Now & Next online screening

1 — 31 July 2023

Lucas Chih-Peng Kao, ‘The Fool’s Journey’, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

A contemporary silent comedy taking inspiration from silent-era star Buster Keaton, Dutch artist MC Escher… and Snakes & Ladders.

Lucas Chih-Peng Kao

Lucas Chih-Peng Kao is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary collaborator working across performance, installation, video and early photography process. He was born in Taiwan then settled in Edinburgh, Scotland.

As a filmmaker, he had made fiction film, poetry films, dance films, physical theatre films, documentaries, music videos, hybrid streaming theatre and 360 videos, finding common grounds and exploring borders between different disciplines.

He is interested in devising and process, creating space for spontaneity to happen, mixing technology with art and storytelling.

His most recent commission from Tramway can be seen online till Jan 2024.

Image description: An empty film set with directors chair, ladder and camera equipment in front of a set with a dinner table, chairs and two doors at either side.

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