M.E Smit-Dicks & Lillian Ross-Millard, 'Glas and Gorm'

1 — 31 July 2023

M.E Smit-Dicks & Lillian Ross-Millard, ‘Glas and Gorm’, 2020. Courtesy of the artists.

Glas and Gorm’ is a speculative ­fiction puppet film by M E Smit-Dicks and Lillian Ross­-Millard with music composition by Josh Thorpe, portraying a post­human, post­apocalyptic Scotland which has become overgrown with flora. Humans have disappeared and the natural world has taken over, growing through and around the infrastructure left behind. Out of the decay brought on by the anthropocene, a new green civilisation has emerged.

M.E Smit-Dicks

Emily Smit-Dicks is an artist, maker and educator based in Glasgow.

Lillian Ross-Millard

Lillian Ross-Millard (b. Toronto, 1993) is a Glasgow-based interdisciplinary artist working between video and participatory work. Her background in devised theatre informs her approach to making. This summer she will conduct The Lost & Found Sessions at Paragon Studios in Belfast.

Image description: A brown model puppet with a warped face and white eyes looks at the camera in front of a paper brown and green mountain landscape.

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