Margaret Salmon, Eglantine (Director's Preview) at GFF16

Part of Collaborations

27 February 2016

Margaret Salmon, Eglantine, 2016. Courtesy of the artist.

Join artist Margaret Salmon for an exclusive director’s preview of her forthcoming film Eglantine (2016), an intimate and vivid account of a young girl’s real and fantastical adventure in a remote forest one evening. This film is a contemporary tribute to classic children’s films (Ray Ashley’s Little Fugitive, Jean Renoir’s The River, Albert Lamorisse’s The Red Balloon), and to celluloid nature studies of the past, such as Mary Field’s Secrets of Nature series.

Shot on 35mm in various locations around Scotland, this special preview cut of Eglantine gives an insight in to the production process of a film which will combine a range of cinematic genres and techniques, from carefully-observed wildlife documentary to narrative drama and interpretative sound.

Part of Collaborations

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