Mariem Omari & Heather Andrews, 'The Jinn In Me'

Part of Now & Next audio presentation

1 — 30 September 2023

Image credit: Olga Feldman, ‘Banshee’, 2010. Courtesy of the artist.

Based on true stories of Jinn beliefs in the Muslim community in Scotland, this factual drama is driven by the story of 18 year-old Safa who suffers from a mental illness, but her mother thinks she is possessed by a Jinn, and is going to faith healers to cure’ her. Safa doesn’t see the idea of Jinn possession’ as all bad, and jokes about it, until she has a particularly bad episode, and is locked in her room, where out of desperation she calls out to the Jinn, and the chaos begins. An immersive audio mix to be experienced through headphones.

Mariem Omari

Acclaimed writer Mariem Omari’s scripts are political, sensitive and compelling. From suicide to honour killings, she fearlessly addresses taboos, attracting a wide cross section of audiences to her productions. Her first play,’ If I Had A Girl…’, sold-out in Scotland in 2016, and toured nationally in 2017. She was one of the National Theatre of Scotland’s Starter for 10, selected for, One Mississippi’, which showcased in 2017 and toured nationally in 2022. She was commissioned by BBC Scotland to create Breaking Point’ – a series of monologues for BBC digital platforms. In 2022/​23 she was part of the Independent Film Trust /​Sony Pictures Creative Corridor.

Heather Andrews

Heather Andrews is a neurodivergent filmmaker, sound designer and writer originally from East Ayrshire and now residing in Glasgow. She strives to create engaging and thought provoking moving image and sound work, challenging stereotypes of disability, environmental and political issues and the storytelling and folklore of life in rural parts of Scotland. She strives to explore new ways of producing work in an ethical way, favouring analogue methods in both picture and sound and blurring the boundaries between documentary and fictional work. Heather is currently working on her 2022 film commission with GMAC Little Pictures, an experimental documentary based on accounts of the experiences of the aura in epilepsy.


Image description: A digital image with white line and dotted textures of a figure sat holding their knees with electric-like white lines exploding from their head.