Marissa Keating, 'Between the Dog and The Wolf'

1 — 31 July 2023

Marissa Keating, ‘Between the Dog and The Wolf’, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

Between the Dog and The Wolf’ is a phrase that describes the twilight period between day and night. This film considers the muddled area between domestic and wild, as a zoo closes for the night, reflecting on recent domestic changes between the public and private worlds within our own species.

Marissa Keating

Marissa is a Glasgow based film maker who focuses on stories that look twice at a familiar world. She is interested in examining how animals inhabit our built environments, and what this says about us as a species. Her films have been screened internationally and broadcast on BBC4, and she is currently developing a feature documentary about seagulls.

Image description: A close up of a chimp to the right of the frame. The chimp looks downwards to the bottom of the frame against a dusty green background.


Captions & Audio Description by Collective Text in conversation with the artist

Captions: Daniel Hughes & Emilia Beatriz
Caption Consultation: Ciaran Stewart
Audio Description Script: Sandra Alland
Audio Description voiceover: Cass Ezeji

Closed Captions

Audio Described