Masterclass with nowMomentnow: DIY Filmmaking Tactics

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1 July 2017

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Courtesy of nowMomentnow.

Artists Liz Rosenfeld and Imogen Heath, co-founder of the Berlin-based moving image collective nowMomentnow, explore DIY filmmaking tactics in a masterclass presented as part of Rosenfeld’s current residency with LUX and the Goethe Institut. They will present their collaborative work and show excerpts of previous films, discussing production methods, and more broadly situating their practice in terms of community building and DIY strategies for making video.

Following their presentation, they will lead a two-hour collaborative video-making activity, where participants will work together to make short video portraits for a video time capsule’, intersecting nowMomentnow’s love for moving image and performance. Their experimental approach to video production uses discursive, non-linear tactics to reconfigure ideas of family and queer labour.

By putting nowMomentnow’s video-making strategies and techniques into practice, participants will aim to collectively envision what the group desires to record, leave behind, bury, compost, burn, destroy, transmit and transform for a queer future/​present or a completely alternative space-time continuum’.

Participants are encouraged to bring fun clothing and makeup to use as costumes, objects to leave for the future’ or use as props. DIY green-screen tools will be used and camera equipment provided. No previous knowledge of video production is necessary to take part.

About the artists


nowMomentnow began as an experiment between friends to disrupt prevalent modes of story-telling and art-making. Working with very little resources, DIY tactics, feminist and queer discourse, an aspiration to build community as an alternative narrative of content-production, and sustainable labour and art practices, nMn has made music videos, performances, films and installation work, as well as hosted events and film productions in Berlin and internationally.

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