ONE WORK | Mathew Wayne Parkin, 'I believe in you'

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25 February 2021


Mathew Wayne Parkin, I believe in you, 2016. Courtesy of the artist.
Mathew Wayne Parkin, 'I believe in you', 2016. Courtesy of the artist.

For the next event in the ONE ARTIST | ONE WORK series Mathew Wayne Parkin will discuss their film I believe in you (2016), which examines how the body is mediated in public and on the internet through performance and dance. Reflecting back on this older work, we take the opportunity in this event to consider what intimacy means when navigated over the internet.

Based around a pilgrimage to see a Felix Gonzalez-Torres exhibition in Ireland, I believe in you references some of his methodology and aesthetic to explore a post-net private and public. This is then interspersed with interviews from friends, lovers and peers, about their bodies and sexuality within technological mediation, and through dancing in nightclubs.

The film is available to watch in advance of the event as part of our online screening. The film is captioned by Valery Tough. The event will take place on Zoom, with live transcription with otter​.ai.

Over the last few months LUX Scotland has been holding a series of online events led by artists. For each event, an artist based in Scotland presents a recent or relevant work and talks through how the work came into being. Each artist has been joined by one of the LUX Scotland team and up to 40 online participants.

How it works

Our online events will take place on Zoom. The event will be live transcribed using otter​.ai live transcription. We will also use the chat space to post questions /​comments being raised by the guest artist so they can be referred back to.

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About the artist

Mathew Wayne Parkin

Mathew Wayne Parkin is an artist, writer and home cook mainly working in moving image with family and friends. They are particularly interested in autobiography, accent, intimacy, and speech acts in public. Their work is like an armpit, personal and intimate, of the body and relationships – smelling earthy. Mathew tries to resist dominant forms of media and sit against professionalised forms of moving image production through DIY and home video techniques, as well as queer crip analysis.

Mathew has shown work with LUX, Videoclub, V22 Foundation, IMT Gallery, Grand Union, Workplace Gallery, Embassy Gallery, Spike Island, Eastside Projects, Tramway, S1 Artspace, the ICA, and the CCA Glasgow. Mathew has undertaken residencies at Triangle France – Astérides, Hopitalfield Arts, Arbroath, and the CCA Glasgow.

Part of ONE WORK

ONE WORK is a series of online events that focus closely on a single work. These generous discussions provide an opportunity for an artist to present a recent work and talk through how the work came into being. Each work is available as a month-long online screening, followed by a specially commissioned written response that serves as documentation of both the work and the discussion.

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