May Advice Sessions

Part of Learning

20 — 30 May 2024
Various meeting times available

Online or Telephone

A strip of clear film leader has the numbers '3, 2, 1' printed on it in black.
Takahiko Limura, '2 mins. 46 sec. 16 frames', 1972. Image courtesy the artist and LUX

We offer free, informal and supportive online advice sessions for artists who are based in Scotland and are not in education, aimed at developing a wide-ranging dialogue around your practice.

Our advice sessions are up to one hour in length and are hosted by members of the LUX Scotland team.

Sessions can involve discussing the following areas;

Developing your practice /​networks and self-promotion; funding and budget writing; production and project planning;​organising residencies; talking over some possible​‘next steps’ for your project including advice on exhibition possibilities and thinking about appropriate organisations to research; discussing the direction your work is taking more broadly.

Image description: A strip of clear film leader has the numbers 3, 2, 1’ printed on it in black.


3pm, 20 May: Annie Crabtree (Project Manager)

11am, 23 May: David Upton (Public Programme Manager)

11am 27 May: Eve Smith (Learning Programme Manager)

11am 29 May: Edward Gwyn Jones (Project Manager)

3pm, 30 May: Kitty Anderson (Director)


After your meeting we’ll ask you to complete a short, anonymous feedback form so we can monitor how useful the sessions are.

After your meeting we may share a short verbal summary, including key details of the session, with the rest of the LUX Scotland team. This information will be treated confidentially. This is to help us stay up to date with artists’ needs so that our future programme can support where it is most helpful.


If you have recently taken part in one of these advice sessions then please don’t book another one for 12 months. This is to allow us to support as many artists as we can within our current resources.

Once you have booked via Eventbrite we will email you directly to arrange either a video or phone call for the meeting, whichever suits you best. If you want to share work or any texts (e.g proposals, funding applications) with us then we are happy to look at these with you during the meeting itself.

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