Michael Lee Richardson & Garry McLaughlin, 'We Were Always Here'

1 — 31 July 2023

Michael Lee Richardson & Garry McLaughlin, 'We Were Always Here', 2020. Courtesy of the artists.

A disco ball hangs in stasis, slowly falling, as everyone dances, coming into their own. Drawing on critical theory on the concept of queer time’ and queer temporality, the film takes place in a working men’s club where, as we move through space, time begins to bend until the space becomes something else entirely.

Content Warnings

  • Flashing images

Michael Lee Richardson

Michael Lee Richardson (any pronoun) is a writer and filmmaker based in Glasgow. Michael’s short film, My Loneliness is Killing Me – directed by Tim Courtney – won a BAFTA Scotland Award in 2018. It has been shown on BBC Scotland, and at film festivals around the world. Michael’s most recent short, Who I Am Now, debuted at Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2022. As a director, Michael is currently in post-production on Just Jackie, a bubblegum pop tale about gender identity, friendship and acceptance. Michael has film and television projects in development with a range of production companies, including their first feature film, A Good Spell, with Bombito Productions. Outside of filmmaking, Michael likes witches, 80s makeover montages and going to the shops.

Garry McLaughlin

Garry McLaughlin (he/​him) is a PhD Researcher with the Scottish Centre for Comics Studies at University of Dundee with co-supervision at University of St. Andrews. A practising theorist, visual artist and writer, his academic research is focused on queer temporality and chronotopia in comics and graphic novels. This practice-based study involves the creation of a comic book, PRAXIS, in which he explores cross-temporal storytelling, critical engagement and liberatory consciousness via a post-structural, posthuman critique of Marvel’s X‑Men books, in an exploration of the unique temporal mechanics of comics systems. He is also working on several other comics and a prose novel.

Image description: Three dancers pose together mid-movement, their heads together in the centre of the frame surrounded by arms, lit in a bright pink light.

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