Now & Next online screening

Part of Now & Next

1 — 31 July 2023

Online Screening

We’re delighted to present an online screening of the moving image works commissioned as part of Now & Next, 2019 – 22. These works will be available to view online for the month of July.

Now & Next was a talent development scheme run by LUX Scotland in partnership with BBC Arts, Screen Scotland and LUX Scotland. The scheme ran between 2019 – 22 and focused on nurturing and showcasing emerging creative voices. Now & Next offered artists working in a wide range of disciplines from across Scotland the opportunity to create audio and audio-visual commissions for BBC platforms.

These diverse moving image works imagine post-apocalyptic futures and animated worlds; contemplate history and environment through narrative journeys and movement; and explore community life, collective activism and accessibility. We’re excited to celebrate the breadth of these short works by artists, filmmakers, dancers, writers, composers and animators from across Scotland.

Many of the commissioned works have been broadcast by the BBC on public service platforms including BBC iPlayer, BBC TV channels, BBC Arts’ social channels and BBC websites.

We look forward to presenting the Now & Next audio commissions and young people’s commissions later this year.


The works commissioned for this project are available to view with captions and audio description thanks to access materials provided by Marc David Jacobs, Valery Tough, Annie Crabtree, Nina Doherty, Jez Watts, Quiplash, EJ Raymond, and Collective Text (Nicole O’Reilly, Daniel Hughes, Ciaran Stewart, Sophie Allen, Callie Gardner, Elaine Lillian Joseph, Sandra Alland, Cass Ezeji and Emilia Beatriz).

Captions can be toggled on or off using the CC button to the bottom right of the screening window. An Audio Described version of the works can be selected using the Audio Description’ button below the screening window.

Access Notes:

  • Juliana Capes’ and Ruth Barrie’s film Be Different Today’ is made with integrated descriptions.
  • Benjamin Owen’s film All These Voices Together’ is presented with hardcoded English subtitles for Gaelic speech.
  • Jess Docherty’s film The Land and The Sea’ features a British Sign Language poem. The closed captions on this video are intended to be English descriptions to enable a viewer who does not use British Sign Language to better understand the content of the poem. They are not the English translation of this BSL poem.


The commissioning process was accompanied by an extensive professional development programme tailored to the artists organised by Now & Next Professional Development Coordinator Mathew Wayne Parkin. LUX Scotland worked with established artists, producers and curators to provide tailored mentorship and workshops.

Mentors and project support:

David Brown, Richy Carey, Julianna Capes, Henry Coombes, Barry Crear, Jamie Crewe, Jemma Dessai, Graham Eatough, Sarah Forrest, Ashanti Harris, Lindsey Hanlon, Joe Howe, Moira Jeffrey, Adam Khalil, Anja Kirschner, Anna Lomas, Esther Leslie, Duncan Marquiss, Jen Martin, Margaret McCormick, Aoife McArdle, Emmie McLuskey, Rory Pilgrim, Sean McInally, Nima Séne, Margaret Salmon, Stephen Sutcliffe, Pete Smith, Alison Smith, Bayley Sweitzer, Black Obsidian Sound System, SOP, Kemono L Riot, Ali Roche, and Rehana Zaman.


LUX Scotland would like to thank Mikaël Whomsley, University of Glasgow MSc Film Curation work placement at LUX Scotland (March 2023), for his help putting together this screening and Mathew Wayne Parkin, Now & Next Professional Development Coordinator (2019 – 2021) for their work on the Now & Next project.

Closed Captions

Audio Described


Part of Now & Next

Now & Next was a talent development scheme in partnership with Creative Scotland and BBC Scotland that ran from 2019 to 2022.

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