Reading Group with Dennis and Debbie Club: Alienation and VR at GSFF17

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16 March 2017

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Courtesy of Dennis and Debbie Club, 2017.

Alienation and VR is a SUPERLUX Reading Group programmed by artists Dennis and Debbie Club for Glasgow Short Film Festival 2017.

This reading group will provide an introduction to homebrew’ Virtual Reality (VR) methods and will consider how a DIY VR scene might be created. Through group readings of the xenofeminist manifesto by the Laboria Cuboniks collective (2015) and Donna Haraway’s A Cyborg Manifesto (1984), Dennis and Debbie Club will consider the possibilities of a critical artistic VR practice that can branch into the cultural and political.

During the reading group participants will also have the opportunity to experience one of Dennis and Debbie Club’s new VR environments.

By rejecting nature, the virtual has yet the chance to open up access to a different reality, a common alien domain. VR is a new artistic medium with the potential to brand creeping normality as the anxiety inducing agent of boredom and stagnation that we rarely dare to admit that it is. – Dennis and Debbie Club

About the artists

Dennis and Debbie Club

Dennis and Debbie Club work digitally with open-source software, creating CGI animations, video installations and VR apps. Their latest VR work premieres at this year’s festival and showcases their first glimpses into the virtual, a work that began with an offer to build new VR environments for artists Stephanie Mann and Beagles & Ramsay.Dennis and Debbie Club aim to extend the possibilities of this new technology beyond their own alienation’ and reclaim VR from the corporate world and consider how to repurpose it as a tool for artistic practice.

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