ONE WORK | Rhona Mühlebach, 'Sudden Death'

Part of ONE WORK

21 April 2020

Rhona Mühlebach, Sudden Death, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

For this online event Rhona Mühlebach will speak about the making of her latest video piece Sudden Death which was commissioned by Travelling Gallery for its Spring 2020 exhibition, Shapes of Water. She will cover research linked to the work as well as practical aspects of the film making process. Following the short talk, participants will be invited to join in a group conversation about the film and its making. Participants will be sent a link to watch Sudden Death online prior to the event.

Over the coming months we will be holding a series of online events led by artists. Each fortnight a Scotland-based artist will present a recent work and talk through how the work came into being. They will be joined by one of the LUX Scotland team and up to 15 online participants. See our programme listings for details of individual events.

Our online events will take place on Google Hangouts, which offers the option of captions. We ask that all participants are respectful and listen to the facilitators and other participants. We ask that one person speaks at a time and that you raise your hand to speak. The facilitator will keep a track of who raised their hand and direct the conversation to you. The chat option within Google Hangouts offers another way in which to ask questions and contribute, should this be more suitable for you, and we ask that you follow the same protocol with this method. LUX Scotland is dedicated to providing a welcoming online environment for everyone, regardless of gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, or religion or belief. Participants who do not adhere to this code of conduct will be asked to leave the event.

We welcome feedback on how these online events have been organised and facilitated in order to improve them as we go forward, in acknowledgement that this is a learning curve and adjustment period for us all. An attendee list will be circulated to all participants in advance of each event.

Rhona Mühlebach

Rhona Mühlebach is an artist working with video, audio and text. Recent exhibitions include Shapes of Water, Travelling Gallery, Scotland; Intermedia Gallery (solo), CCA, Glasgow; Alchemy Film & Arts (solo), Hawick; upcoming Sic! Raum für Kunst (solo), Luzern, Switzerland; Swiss Art Awards, Kiefer Hablitzel, Art Basel, Switzerland; Bloomberg New Contemporaries, BALTIC, Gateshead; Annuale, Embassy, Edinburgh. Her work has been screened at over forty film festivals including in the UK, USA, Switzerland, Egypt, Denmark, South Africa, Portugal, Poland, South Korea and France.

Part of ONE WORK

ONE WORK is a series of online events that focus closely on a single work. These generous discussions provide an opportunity for an artist to present a recent work and talk through how the work came into being. Each work is available as a month-long online screening, followed by a specially commissioned written response that serves as documentation of both the work and the discussion.

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