ONE WORK | Rosie Roberts, 'just / only and parabolas'

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29 September 2020


Rosie Roberts, just / only, 2019. Courtesy of the artist.

For this episode of ONE ARTIST | ONE WORK, artist Rosie Roberts will discuss her 2019 work just /​only and parabolas.

just /​only and parabolas are one work in film and writing. just /​only is a two-minute 16mm black and white film, hand processed in caffenol and scanned digitally, it was originally installed as a projection and played on a loop, parabolas is a short story or screenplay of sorts written in tandem with the film. The piece takes Pasolini’s suggestion that a screenplay is a structure that wants to be another structure’ and applies it as metaphor to documents of divergent mental states and transitional ephemera in this case windowsills, hazelnuts, bees and eating habits.

Over the last few months LUX Scotland has been holding a series of online events led by artists. For each event, an artist based in Scotland presents a recent work and talks through how the work came into being. Each artist has been joined by one of the LUX Scotland team and up to 40 online participants. just /​only also features captions.

How it works

Our online events will take place on Zoom. The event will be live transcribed using otter​.ai live transcription. We will also use the chat space to post questions /​comments being raised by the guest artist so they can be referred back to.

We ask that all participants are respectful and listen to the facilitators and other participants. An attendee list will be circulated to all participants in advance of each event. At the beginning of events we will introduce the guest artist and invite participants to briefly introduce themselves and their reason for joining. During the event discussion, we ask that one person speaks at a time and that you type hi’ in the chat to indicate you want to contribute. A member of the LUX Scotland team will keep a track of who wishes to contribute and will direct the conversation to you. You may also wish to use the chat space to type your question or comment, should this be preferable for you. We ask that you keep your microphones on mute until you are going to speak to ensure everyone can hear clearly. We invite you to have your cameras on, where possible, as this maintains a feeling of being together in the space.

If you require support to participate in our online events, or have any questions, please let us know by contacting us on email hidden; JavaScript is required or by phoning or texting 0739 4042 450, and we will be happy to assist.

LUX Scotland is dedicated to providing a welcoming online environment for everyone, regardless of gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, or religion or belief. Participants who do not adhere to this code of conduct and the participation guidelines will be asked to leave the event.

We welcome feedback on how these online events have been organised and facilitated in order to improve them as we go forward, in acknowledgment that this is a learning curve and adjustment period for us all. An evaluation form will be circulated at the end of the event along with any references, links or materials brought up during the discussion.

Rosie Roberts

Rosie Roberts is an artist and writer from Glasgow interested in observing overlapping relations from a feminist neurodivergent perspective. Her research surrounds the poetic haptics of everyday occurrence, moving image, storytelling and notions of relevance, commons and locality. Rosie has just published a book of prose poetry portals’ with SPAM Press and is currently Projects Co-Editor at MAP magazine with artist and writer Alison Scott.

Part of ONE WORK

ONE WORK is a series of online events that focus closely on a single work. These generous discussions provide an opportunity for an artist to present a recent work and talk through how the work came into being. Each work is available as a month-long online screening, followed by a specially commissioned written response that serves as documentation of both the work and the discussion.

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