Screening and Discussion with Kimberley O’Neill: Technologies Of The Self

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27 March 2019

The Anatomy Rooms
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Kimberley O’Neill, Fall Breaks Back into Winter (A Cover Version), 2018. Video, 5 min 24 sec

Kimberley O’Neill has programmed this screening that complicates the idea of the subjective self-portrait. The selected works consider subjectivity as it is shaped by and entangled with environment, social bonds and technology, rather than depicting individuals as isolated within a narrow personal field.

O’Neill’s own work Fall Breaks Back into Winter (A Cover Version), 2018, uses diaristic and staged footage to contemplate the slippery slopes and seeping boundaries of illness. The backstory to the Beach Boy’s track Fall Breaks Back into Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony) provides a guiding reference to consider how trauma can be woven into technological materials, to then later find forms of release.


Steina Vasulka, Summer Salt, 1982. Digibeta tape transferred to video, 19 min

Jenna Collins, We Are The Road, 2017. Video, 10 min

Kimberley O’Neill, Fall Breaks Back into Winter (A Cover Version), 2018. Video, 5 min 24 sec

Siân Robinson Davies, Penis and Credit Card: Contactless? (from Conversations), 2016. HD video, 1 min 40 sec

Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Instruction, 2009. HD video, 31 min, 52 sec

Kimberley O’Neill is an artist based in Glasgow. Recent activities include; Cinenova: Now Showing, The Showroom, London, 2018, The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow, 2017; Conatus TV, Edinburgh Art Festival, 2016. O’Neill will present a solo exhibition at Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, in May 2019 as part of Satellites Programme.

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