'Shared Resources' at Aberdeen Art Gallery

9 April 2022

Seminar Room, level 2
Aberdeen Art Gallery, Schoolhill, Aberdeen AB10 1FQ
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Jordan Lord 'Shared Resources', 2021. Image courtesy of the artist.

We are delighted to present a screening of Jordan Lord’s Shared Resources’ (2021) at the Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen.

Please join Kitty Anderson (Director, LUX Scotland), Rachel Grant (Project Manager Aberdeen Programme, LUX Scotland) and Eve Smith (Learning Programme Manager, LUX Scotland) for an informal chat after the screening. Hospitality will be provided during this event.

Jordan Lord, Shared Resources’, 2021.

Made over five years, Shared Resources’ is a film about debt, disability and documentary. It depicts the filmmaker’s family after Lord’s father declared Chapter 13 bankruptcy, due to debt accrued from the loss of their home in Hurricane Katrina and losing his job as a debt collector. The film utilises open captions and visual descriptions to provide access to Blind and Deaf audiences, and as a methodology of documentary-making and reception.

The work brings visibility to the ties of societal, institutional and financial debt as the family confronts their very different understandings of debt and disability. Jordan Lord asks their family, their filmmaking community and us, the film’s audiences — what does it mean to owe each other everything? Navigating between family holidays and everyday domestic scenes in their Mississippi home, their parents react to footage and negotiate their own representation.

Shared Resources’ proposes a documentary practice based in continual consent and acknowledgement of the debts between filmmakers, the people whose lives they document and audiences. Often drawing attention to what is absent, what the responsibilities are, the ethics of practice, care and risk to those participating.

Image description: Three white people sit at a table together, each with a set of white papers in front of them. The figure on the far left is a bald man in his 60s, who reads the papers intently. The figure in the center is a person in their late 20s, who looks to a woman in her 60s with blonde hair, who holds the papers in her hands and looks back at them. A caption appears over the image that reads: My mom looks at me, as I speak. My dad looks down at the contract.”

Jordan Lord

Jordan Lord is a filmmaker, writer, and artist. Their work addresses the relationships between historical and emotional debts, framing and support, access and documentary. Their films have been shown at festivals and venues including MoMA Doc Fortnight, Dokufest Kosovo, Union Docs, and the Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival. Their film Shared Resources won the John Marshall Award for Contemporary Ethnographic Media at the Camden International Film Festival and the Critics Jury Prize at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. They have presented solo exhibitions at Piper Keys and Artists Space. In 2021, they were profiled as one of the 25 New Faces of Independent Film by Filmmaker Magazine, and their work has been featured in publications such as Artforum, Screen Slate, Art in America, and Hyperallergic. They are currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Colgate University in the Film and Media Studies program.

Notes Contains open captions and visual descriptions

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Notes Contains hand-held shaky camera footage


This public screening event is part of a wider professional development programme by LUX Scotland for early career Aberdeen-based artists and curators. The programme includes workshops, screening and discussion events and is supported by Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding.

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