Stephen Dwoskin, Pain Is...

1 May 2016

Glasgow Film Theatre

Stephen Dwoskin, Pain Is..., 1997. Courtesy of the artist and LUX.

LUX Scotland presents Stephen Dwoskin’s powerful Pain Is…‘ (1997), an unflinching film that examines the role of pain within society. Attempting to make an image of pain’, Dwoskin’s feature is practical and philosophical: a seamless blend of film culture and social activism.

Pain Is… combines interviews, archival footage and Dwoskin’s thoughtful voice-over to arrive at a scrupulous anatomy of pain (encompassing disease, dental work and sadomasochism). The interviews range from those who suffer from chronic pain to those who find pleasure in wilfully inflicting pain. – Dennis Lim, Director of Film at Lincoln Centre, NYC

A teacher, designer, photographer, film director and producer, Dwoskin (1939 – 2012) began making films in New York in 1959 against the avant-garde backdrop of Jonas Mekas’ Film-Makers’ Co-op and Andy Warhol’s Factory. Dwoskin went on to become a co-founder of the London Film-Makers’ Co-op, which was established 50 years ago and is a precursor to LUX and LUX Scotland.

This screening is introduced by LUX Scotland Director Mason Leaver-Yap for GFT’s Crossing the Line strand and is presented as part of The Radical Film Network Festival & Unconference.