The Big Picture Show: Parents’ Evening

8 December 2016

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Claire Hooper, Eris, 2012. Courtesy of the artist and LUX.

Programmed to coincide with Tramway’s The Big Picture Show, a month-long season of artists’ moving image for children, this special evening event for parents and childcare givers presents two short works from artists Margaret Salmon and Helen Benigson, a performance by artist, Corin Sworn, followed by Claire Hoopers arresting work, Eris (2012).

Tracing the experiences of Danielle Marie Shillingford, a woman who has lost custody of her children, Eris blurs the boundaries between the fantastical, the superhuman and the absolutely mundane, as we see slippages between Danielle and her god-like alterego Eris, the goddess of strife and discord.

Published in 2001 MOTHER READER: Essential Writings on Motherhood brings together a collection of texts chosen by the artist Moyra Davey which reflect upon pursuing a career as an artist, while being a mother. Sworn will perform a response to the book and present research material from a work in progress examining aspects of reproductive labour.