1 July — 31 August 2024

Tiegan McDonald, Lloyd Darko and Reese Leitch, 'Translucent Pane', 2020. Courtesy of the artists.

Translucent Pane’, by Tiegan McDonald, Lloyd Darko and Reese Leitch follows two people on their daily walk while lockdown restrictions were in place and one walk a day was their only moment of freedom. The narrative explores the feeling that the world is both chaotic and at a standstill; moving forward, but leaving them behind.

Translucent Pane’ was supported by artist-mentor Juliana Capes.


Captions and Audio Description by LUX Scotland.

Image description: A film still shows a dark view inside a car at night. Specks of rain on the window are lit by street light and a phone glows in the front of the car. Text on screen reads: Hey, yeah just feeling a bit alone’.

Closed Captions

Audio Described