Where I Am: Artists' Moving Image and Gair Dunlop, Atom Town

24 May — 28 June 2015

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Gair Dunlop, Ground Floor, Dido Reactor, Harwell, 2011. Courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition Opening Hours: Sunday, 2 – 5pm

Kate Davis, Gair Dunlop, Luke Fowler, Duncan Marquiss, Ben Rivers, Cordelia Swann, & Margaret Tait

The Highland Institute for Contemporary Art (HICA)’s presentation of Where I Am focuses on the very particular results of the choices individuals make, which, in terms of artworks, determine both form and content. It will consider how an artwork’s audience might also be understood to be involved in determining the work’s form, exerting influence on what they see, and will thus present questions around peoples’ involvements more generally in their surroundings: the interactions between people and their local and wider environments.

As part of its adaptation of Where I Am, HICA will present work including Gair Dunlop’s Atom Town (2011). These works by Dunlop reflect on the recent history of Dounreay and Thurso, and highlight a consideration of art in the light of understandings from modern physics, the implications of which will be explored throughout HICA’s 2015 programme. It is through this consideration that a local perspective has been developed and explored, by establishing a local discussion group, who have been involved in deciding the selection of works for the project.