Wild Tracks Radio with Richy Carey, 'The Listening Crystal'

1 — 30 September 2023

Richy Carey, ‘The Listening Crystal’, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.

The Listening Crystal’ is a sci-fi docu-drama about four adventurers searching the universe for a legendary sound that is rumoured to have the power to bring peace to their home worlds.

Richy Carey

Richy Carey is a composer who lives in the Isle of Skye. He works collaboratively with artists and communities to create soundtracks, soundscapes, publications and performances – making communal sounds that explore ecologies of authorship, agency and empathy through listening and sounding together.

Wild Tracks Radio

Wild Tracks Radio are a group of young artists from Edinburgh; Jamal, Khiana, Tara and Rona, and a composer living on the Isle of Skye called Richy Carey. The group are interested in sounds and sci-fi, and work together to imagine new ways exploring their surroundings through field recording, story writing and soundtrack making.


Image description: A green crystal with four points and a beam of bright green light stretched from the bottom left corner against a black background.