William Aikman, 'Grahamston'

1 — 30 September 2023

Artwork by Rhona Mühlebach.

Grahamston’ is an audio documentary and ghost story inspired by the forgotten village in Glasgows City Centre which was destroyed to make way for Central Station in the late 1870s.

William Aikman

William Aikman is a Composer, Sound designer and a multi-media artist. He is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art. His work combines voice, computer game design, virtual reality, science fiction and popular music. From his studio in The Glue Factory in Glasgow he designs soundtracks and composes music for film and television.


Image description: A square format image shows a collage of 3D scans of Glasgow Central Station. The collage is surreal and its digital quality is ghost-like, showing a warped perspective of a blue ScotRail train carriage, a ticket desk, grey tiled floor and exteriors of the building. The centre of the image shows a grey platform with the word​“GRAHAMSTON” written across it in yellow sans serif font.