Workshops with Ed Webb-Ingall, Between You and the Screen

2 September — 18 October 2016

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As part of the Artists Moving Image Festival (AMIF), filmmaker and writer Ed Webb-Ingall will be running three workshops that explore ideas of intervention, disruption and interruption in the context of the cinema. The results of these workshops will be presented at Tramway on November 6th as part of AMIF 2016.

The workshops will invite artists and filmmakers to think about what it means to intervene into the cinema auditorium in order to disrupt, expand or push at the edges of what might be expected in that space. We will ask questions such as:What is or isn’t allowed here? Who is in charge? What is possible in this space? What are the limits of this space? Who decides on them? What does it mean if someone has paid for something? Where does the responsibility for care lay?

The workshops are available to SUPERLUX members free of charge and will take place at Tramway, Glasgow on Friday 2 September, 5 – 8pm; Monday 26 September, 5 – 8pm; and Tuesday 18 October, 5 – 8pm, developing towards a public presentation at AMIF 2016 on Sunday 6 November. No filmmaking experience is necessary, but it is important that you can attend all three of the workshops. Places available until 5pm Thursday 1 September.