Hanspeter Ammann

Switzerland, 1998
11 minutes, Colour, stereo
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

“Lushly romantic yet coolly analytical, Couple is an unsettling meditation on the human need to invest images with meaning. Seduced by the plaintive, melancholy but possibly misleading voice of Chet Baker on the soundtrack, the viewer projects a tangle of emotions onto a continuous shot of a young man seated enigmatically behind a chic Oriental woman. In the absence of other contextual clues, we sift the evidence of body language and facial expression for tenuous implications of narrative…If an ineffable sadness pervades this tape, it’s perhaps because the status of what we see always eludes our grasp.” – Peter Matthews
Awarded the Grand Prémio Cidade de Lisboa at VideoLisboa 1999